About Anora McGaha

Anora McGaha had a twenty year career as an analyst in a variety of financial areas in New York, Boston, Washington DC and Raleigh NC. Since 2006 she has explored many of her creative interests and worked her way into a new career in online publicity and marketing.

Anora’s current work is as a website builder, social media analyst and consultant. She works in WordPress through Themes (is not a coder) and applies SEO, a poet’s ear, an artist’s eye, and a user’s experience to her work.

Anora lives in central North Carolina on a hillside with a Western view through a narrow woodlands buffer that lights up in the summer with the setting sun like a wall of green stained glass windows in a cathedral.

Now living in the South, the US South, she has a completely new view on America; her father was a Northerner, from upstate New York, and Massachusetts. Anora grew up moving around the Middle East for all of the 1960s and part of the 1970s, a fourth generation expat. Her mother’s mother was technically a Southerner, with family from Tennessee and Kentucky, though she grew up an expatriate in Panama and attended schools in Florida. Her mother grew up in a diplomat’s family married to an Italian. So identity, nationality, geography, culture are all mixed and layered, confusing and enlightening.

Anora McGaha’s Website work. Websites have a habit of changing look and feel when webmasters and owners change, so many of her websites can no longer represent her capabilities, but she has worked on easily 25 websites, including an international website with over 3,000 visits a day over four years, a regional website that helped grow sales by 25 and 30% year over year, and many smaller websites that had smaller needs and goals.

Anora McGaha’s Poetry

Anora McGaha’s Prose and Non-Fiction Writing