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Books by Anora Sutherland McGaha

The Blessing by Anora Sutherland

(Published through CreateSpace, An Inner River Press Project)

Available in four editions: 6×9: without images; 8×10: no images; blank pages for drawing; black & white images for coloring; and images in color.

LossSongs by Anora Sutherland

Poetry Chapbook. (Published through CreateSpace, An Inner River Press Project) August 2015

Books by Others

Media Ready, Media Savvy by Alison Hill

Alison Hill’s real love is writing thrillers ala Steven King, and video. She was a career journalist, and TV show host so had just the kind of experience that most writers don’t have and need. She’s been on the other side of the phone, desk and TV set from authors, deciding whether to interview them and if so, what to ask them. She brings all her experience to this work book, and walks the writer and author (anyone really who wants media exposure) through the questions that will lead to what is media-worthy in your life experience. If you’re new to thinking about the media and what they are looking for, this workbook will be a revelation. Get your copy and pull out your pen and pencil. (Publisher, ClearSight Multi-Media – Anora McGaha)  Out of Print.

Grey Fox Wilderness Stories by Andy Smith

Andy Smith’s passion is nature, understanding it, observing it, being in it. He has trained with some of the greats, those with both tremendous experience and insight. He shares some of his most memorable stories about being in the wilderness, with clear readable prose. (Publisher, Inner River Press – Anora McGaha) Out of Print.

When Women Waken: Journal of Poetry, Prose & Images (by women)

A literary journal by women, When Women Waken started in 2013 as an offshoot of Women Writers, Women(‘s) Books an online magazine for, by and about women writers, founded in 2012 by Anora McGaha. In 2015 the magazine came under the ownership of the managing editor Barbara Bos, and Anora McGaha retained sole ownership of the literary journal, When Women Waken. The Journal published three issues a year for four years.

Our Stories, Too.

Collected Works of Prudy Sutherland

(Forthcoming, Inner River Press)