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Business Bio

Anora McGaha comes from a tradition of formal writing, though studying foreign languages for years a time did much more for her work as a poet than it did for business writing! Different grammars are liking mixing different computer languages, only humans are much more forgiving than computers.

Anora majored in Chinese in undergraduate school (strike two for business writing), but then went to graduate school in International Business (Home run for business writing, as we had to write a lot, including business cases, and a master’s thesis.)

Chemical Bank New York, New York, now a memory and a line on a LinkedIn Profile, has since been gobbled up many times over and no longer exists as a New York money center bank, but at one time, it was in there with the big boys, a training center near Wall Street, and headquarters in a beautiful all glass building on Park Avenue. During the eight months of non-stop training with the best of the best – professors from the top business programs, and students selected from top schools (I guess The Fletcher School of Tufts University was among them!), and it was more writing. Concise writing. Formulaic writing. Each line had a purpose to accomplish. Nothing fortuitous like this introduction to Anora McGaha’s writing services.

From analytical work in the World Banking Group, to analytical work as a Corporate Credit Specialist at Liberty Mutual Insurance company in Boston, writing was key. Summarize what the numbers showed about a company’s strengths and weaknesses and make a recommendation.

Since 1986 and Chemical Bank in New York city to 2006, Anora had a varied career in large size organizations in Boston, New York, Washington DC and Raleigh. Writing played a big role along with financial and business analysis. In 2003 Anora began working in marketing communications in the consulting organization of SAS Institute, and that was 95% writing and 5% analysis, compared with 90% analysis and 10% writing in previous analyst jobs. It was in marketing communications that Anora got to focus deeply into writing for business.

Since 2008 Anora has been writing for the Internet, with a focus on reputation development and enhancement, SEO to increase the online visibility of the content, and multimedia.