Scheduling Emails with Gmail

So we’d like to schedule emails in Gmail. (Apparently Outlook does it just fine!) We can schedule communications with a Contact Management System, one that sends out newsletters, like MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, MadMimi and aWeber. But that doesn’t handle our email, they are not integrated with our email. We can’t schedule it directly – as is […]

Greg Lews saying Goodbye to an Employee (1)

Working with Greg Lewis and Social Media

Seeing the Pittsboro Roadhouse get wider visibility through local TV makes me reflect on meeting and working with Greg Lewis off and on since 2009. I’ve loved working for Greg: he’s smart, warm, forgiving, inclusive, fair and daring. I’ve gotten to learn and try new things, and I’m very impressed to see the leadership role he is […]


#iamsubject – Going for It by Anora McGaha

I am participating in the #iamsubject project led by Diane DeBella author of I Am Subject: Telling Our Truths to Reclaim Our Selves. Here is my #iamsubject story. Since I was a girl I have created groups, written and wanted to publish. When I was twelve in a dramatic moment when I thought I might […]

Affiliates & Links

Affiliates On the Internet, one of the ways that we can support each other is by sharing the names and contact information for businesses we respect, recommend and use ourselves. A system of allowing people to gain a small reward for referring new customers has been developed that is as easy as clicking on a […]


How Can I Help You? Do you have a question for me? Email Have we done business together and you would like me to know about an affiliate connection you have, in case I’m interested in that product or service? Leave a note and link in the comments, or send an email.    

Talk Talk Talk Talk

Who Is Talking to Your Customers When You’re Not?

Who Is Talking to Your Customers When You’re Not? That’s a question. Who IS talking to your customers when you’re not? Have you experienced anything like this? You call a law firm after hours because that’s when you think of it, and when you’re free, and the phone rings indefinitely. No answering machine. No answering […]

Knock Knock

Who Is Listening to Your Customers When You’re Not?

Talking to your customers on the Internet with the written word, images, video, audio, flyers, chat, email is one very important part of business. You have to have an outgoing message. You have to have a clear, results-oriented outgoing message, not just in one place, but in each place that you own where your customers […]

Social Media Classes for Small Business Owners

Social Media Classes for Small Business Owners Anora McGaha is leading small classes on using social media to help small business owners get a handle on how to make the most of their marketing dollar. Located in central North Carolina, classes may be taught in Raleigh, Pittsboro, Apex or Chapel Hill. Anora’s experience as a […]