Events with Anora McGaha

When Women Waken Reading at the Joyful Jewel – June 2015

A group of twenty gathered at the Joyful Jewel for a reading from half a dozen issues of When Women Waken, including, the most recent at the time Wildlife. Pamela Taylor, Mimi Herman, Valerie Nieman from Greensboro, Camilla Trinchieri from New York, Alice Osborn, Mali Warshofsky, Mariah Wheeler, owner of the Joyful Jewel, and artists Sarah McTeer Ogburn and Kim Werfel. We also included recordings of contributors from afar, Zvezdana Rashkovich in Dubai, C. Elizabeth Murray  in Ireland, and Paula Dawn Lietz in Canada.


Holding Sacred Space for Grief: Two Readings – One Theme, Sunday September 7, 2014

Anora McGaha and Mary Ann Bumbera held a joint reading on the topic of holding sacred space for Grief at the Joyful Jewel in historic downtown Pittsboro NC. Mary Ann read from Because of You I Am, and Anora read from The Blessing.

Narrative Threads Artist Reception, June 29, 2012, Page Walker, Cary NC

In an exciting and innovative show, Triangle area writers joined up with central North Carolina quilters for a show called Narrative Threads.

Through this show, I got to meet so many quilters, and to partner with a talented quilter named Jenny Williams. It was thrilling to visit her home studio and look at all the materials and threads and cloth she had. We ended up presenting a quilt named Threads, and my poem of the same name. While the quilt didn’t display Jenny’s tremendous talent, it was conceptually brave, composed at it was of a matting of threads virtually as found in a pile in Jenny’s studio. I really wanted to focus on the tiny slivers of color that make up cloth and quilts. Jenny complied. My poem “Threads” was previously published in an issue of Main Street Rag from a reading done through the Third Thursday Open Mic. Here is an article by Jenny Williams on her pre-quilting writer’s life. I also became acquainted with other writers, and quilters such as Nannette Zeller, and Eilleen Williams.

WriteNow! Triangle Area Freelancers Conference

WriteNow! Triangle Area Freelancers Conference April 21 2012

Talk: “Building Your Platform Online”, April 21, 2012 Write Now!

Anora McGaha spoke on Building Your Platform Online at the Triangle Area Freelancers annual non-fiction writers conference. See the WriteNow! brochure. Click here for interesting links related to Building Your Platform Online.

The Triangle Area Freelancers is a terrific group of good and fun writers, strong community, worth getting to know. I found out about them through writers and coaches Megan and Barton Cutter, who later authored Love Rolls On, a beautiful and memorable memoir about their relationship, an extraordinary relationship by any account, and all the more so by their collaborative work.


Poetry & Creativity – 10 Poets, Friday September 23, 2011

Have you ever wondered about the creative process of writing a poem. Come hear 10 wonderful poets share their poems and their process. Hosted by Anora McGaha at the Joyful Jewel in downtown Pittsboro NC. We had a large gathering with a tremendous group of poets, some new to the Joyful Jewel, and some, long time friends and participants in this center of creativity.


Writers Get-Together in Western Wake, December 2, 2009

We’ll meet and greet until 9:45, introduce ourselves until 10:00 and have an hour to write or talk in small groups before the restaurant is open to the public. It’ll probably still be pretty quiet until after 11:30. It was at these events that I had the opportunity to get to know a number of writers, including David  Halperin retired professor at UNC Chapel Hill, and author of Journal of a UFO Investigator, Alison Hill and Andy Smith. I had the opportunity to publish a manuscript by each of these last two editors: Alison Hill’s workbook on media readiness, and Andy Smith’s essays on being in the wilderness.