On Building Your Platform Online – Nuggets

Here are some interesting pieces related to building your platform online for those of us who prefer to learn by neat and unusual content rather than a straight list of do’s and don’t and steps, which BTW, I will also be preparing for the WriteNow! TAF Conference, for those who like that!    [Updated 3/23/2012]

Catch the Media Wave – #catchthemediawave


Be Media Ready - #bemediaready

Draw from Online Feedback – #askandlistenonline
Know your Audience – #knowyouraudience
Be Part of Existing Communities – #joincommunity

See additional communities in those started by authors below.

Elaine Orr and Stacey Cochran at Quail Ridge Books, Photo by Anora McGaha

Build Community – #communitybuilding
Building community takes a huge amount of work
This collection of interesting nuggets about building your platform online is missing the following pieces which will be presented at WriteNow! Writers Conference in Raleigh on April 21, 2012:
1. What is a platform
2. What do you have to do to be ready to develop your platform
3. How do you develop your platform online

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