Social Media and Internet Marketing

Social Media Communications, Programs and Management

I offer the following services related to businesses using Social Media:

Social Media Assessment

This is an interview with the company’s owner, operating manager and marketing manager to find out enough about the business, its objectives, team and resources to assess the suitability of a social media program.

Competitive Research

I provide in-depth online research and present the results on a private online site with active links for your ease of use and quick corroboration of my results. Research time and depth depends on your investment. I work swiftly and efficiently and bring to my work a career of analysis in major organizations from Boston, New York, Washington DC and Raleigh.

Social Media Plan Development

This starts with an Internet audit: research of your Internet presence, that of your local peers and select national businesses. This also establishes a baseline from which to measure progress in developing your Internet presence. The audit information is then synthesized with the results from the survey to develop your objectives and the steps to accomplish them.

What do you get? A plan that is specific, detailing which social media sites to participate in, the focus of and variety of content and frequency, and much more. You can take this plan and proceed with your own implementation, or engage a social media manager for coaching, setup, training, and or management.

Social Media Management

This service handles your social media program for a business. The business agrees to provide a flow of information about the business to create content of specific value to the business and its customers.

Social Media Coaching

This service is provided based on the number of hours requested (and needed) to answer whatever questions the business has. This is one on one, or one on two conference calls and desktop sharing as needed. It can cover everything from how to set up accounts, to how to create content, respond to feedback… The rate is $150 an hour with a minimum of 3 hours purchased at a time and can be used in small increments over time, including phone and email support.

Social Media Training

The training is created based on what is needed and may include slides or desktop sharing demonstrations of how to do something. The training rate is a higher hourly rate and varies in part on whether it is a virtual training or in person.

Program Setup

This would be setting up the accounts, with custom names, logos, colors and initial content. Pricing for this depends on the size and needs of the program.

Phone Consulting

I would be glad to consider questions about using social media via phone call. An hour appointment is $150 and if you make a payment to on PayPal, and send your phone number and a couple of times that work for you, I will contact you to set up the call.