Social Media for Writer & Authors

Writers and Authors have to do three things really well.

1. Find or develop a good story

2. Write it really well

3. Reach a growing audience

1. Finding a good story matters. If it’s not interesting or entertaining, you won’t hold our attention.

2. Conveying the story in a compelling, captivating way is critical. You’re competing with every book in print, every ebook, TV, the Internet, games and every form of entertainment out there.

3. And, you have to reach a growing audience. No audience means no readers or book buyers, and no book deal or books sales.

A writer’s platform is a combination of:

  • Content: Your expertise / skill and story telling ability
  • Audience: Your reach

Some of us are lucky, our career gives us a platform, or we had an interest that connected us with an ever growing group of people – like Toastmasters, or Rotary International. Some of you are actually in the media, and have already been building your audience for years – on TV, Radio, newspapers, magazines, off line and on.

Many more of us are starting from scratch. Some at 18, and many of us at 30 or 50 or 65.

If you’re lucky enough to learn about the need to grow or build your platform before you’ve spent much time writing, you can start now and grow  your platform – your expertise / specialty and your audience reach, along side your writing.

How? Growing your platform through the Internet is one of the most important activities for writers in this decade.

The book, Social Media for Business, (For writers and authors too!) can give you the key elements to developing and managing your own social media plan. (Through 2011, you can get the ebook copy for $2.99).

Many writers, not all for sure, but many, are introverts. And introverts have an advantage on the Internet, because interactions are not face to face in real time.

But for dozens of different reasons, not everyone is comfortable developing a presence on line. Here’s just a few of them:

  • You were going to write with a pen name, so its confusing about which identity to use online
  • You’ve had some experiences in your past that you’d rather leave there, and don’t want people to find you easily
  • You don’t  like what you look like, and don’t want to use a picture
  • You have a profession that requires confidentiality – like a psychiatrist, or counselor -
  • You’ve been stalked before and don’t want to risk it again
  • You’re nervous about strangers contacting you
  • You’re very private and don’t know what you’d feel comfortable sharing
  • You’re very busy, and think social media is just a fad that occupies people who are bored

The truth is that unless you already have access to an audience through some other means, building connections online and building your online presence is a fundamental building block for your platform.

Agents and publishers are requiring it – because they need to know you can sell books – it’s as simple as that. If you’re not connected to people, and no one famous has demonstrated an interest in you, you’d have to have a one in a million extraordinary story and the magic of the leprechauns to sell books.

The book I wrote with Martin Brossman, Social Media for [Small and Micro] Business will help you.

It is an easy to read, very well organized, thorough, short-chaptered primer for those who are making the transition to building an online presence. For under $25, less than half of what most professionals and consultants charge in an hour, you can get the experience and direction from 22 professionals in paperback form.

Through 2011 you can get the Kindle ebook for $2.99, and after that $8.99. On the Amazon.UK site 2.14 Pounds.

Is it useful for writers and authors? You bet.

If you haven’t yet figured out that your writing is a business –  everyone else knows it is. (Your agent, your publisher, book stores. They all know it’s about business – trading product / services for money.) Trust us in saying that you will find it valuable

Even if you write from the heart, and don’t care about the money, even if you just want the word to get around, because you have an important message, how will you get the word out without building your platform? Where else can you potentially reach anyone in the world (who has an Internet connection) but on the Internet? 

Social Media for Business by Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha will help writers and authors immediately. Virtually all the concepts, except those related to having a retail store space, are applicable to writers and authors, who, just like traditional business owners, have the business of promoting their “brand” as writers and their “products” – books.

Writers and authors have not traditionally seen themselves as a business. Their publishers traditionally did all their marketing, and book stores sold their books. But as we know all too well, the traditional world has been turned on its side. Now, all writers and authors have to be developing their platform – their expertise or notoriety and their audience. Social media and online marketing are the most effective ways to reach a world audience – in this case, the English reading people in the world. This guide to online marketing through social media and Internet channels is that it is written by micro-business owners, who, like writers and authors, work with little-to-no budgets to grow their Internet presence and build a following. And writers and authors need to continually grow their audience and develop a platform for which they can be known.

Those of us writers and authors who have a good budget can hire professional publicists to do the job, so they don’t have to be as familiar with this territory – except, that the more you know about what your publicist is doing, the better informed you can be about how well the job is being done, and how you can supplement the work with your own efforts.

Social Media for Business will help you learn the most practical and effective ways to build and establish your online reputation and presence. This book features direct experience from about two dozen professionals. Written in a conversational style with print that is easy on the eyes, Social Media for Business will be an empowering resource for for writers and authors. The Social Media for Business book website is a blog with ongoing updated content that will keep you informed.

Order your paperback copy of Social Media for Business. Paperback: Amazon for $20.65. Or apply  Discount code: C47P9D2V when you order on CreateSpace for $16.00. | On Kindle  |  UK Amazon | Amazon Japan  | Amazon Canada  | Amazon France | Let the tens of thousands of hours of research and experience represented in this book save you time and grow your business – for about $25 delivered.  Read what reviewers have said on Amazon.

And order your Kindle ebook copy (also downloads to your PC) for $2.99  through 2011, or $8.99 thereafter. On the Amazon.UK site 2.14 Pounds.

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