Cardinal by Sylvia Freeman

Morning Song by Sylvia Freeman

I enjoy watching for and listening to birds, so I have several bird feeders on the deck and at the window. They are placed so I can see them from the screened porch and from the kitchen. I have regular visitors. A brilliant red male cardinal and his less brilliant mate come at least twice  day. Flickers and […]


Rescue Cat: A Story from the UK

I am a walking cliché. Approaching middle-age (45, but feel about 10 and still wondering what to do when I grow up).  Single (divorced for years), mother to one son.  Owner of a  large and handsome black cat.  Just one cat – for now at least. You see I ended up being a cat lover […]

64 West towards Chatham County from Wake County, across Lake Jordan

Saving the Lives of Animals – Cats and Dogs and Wildlife

I remember reading about this mountain climber. He had tried many times and invested thousands of dollars to reach the peak of Mt. Everest. On his last trip he came face to face with a life-changing decision. He came across a fellow climber who was passed by and left for dead by many other “fellow” […]