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Who Is Talking to Your Customers When You’re Not?

Who Is Talking to Your Customers When You’re Not? That’s a question. Who IS talking to your customers when you’re not? Have you experienced anything like this? You call a law firm after hours because that’s when you think of it, and when you’re free, and the phone rings indefinitely. No answering machine. No answering […]

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Who Is Listening to Your Customers When You’re Not?

Talking to your customers on the Internet with the written word, images, video, audio, flyers, chat, email is one very important part of business. You have to have an outgoing message. You have to have a clear, results-oriented outgoing message, not just in one place, but in each place that you own where your customers […]

Getting Found

Getting Listed in Directories

Getting listed in Directories is important for small businesses with a local market. Google’s Local Listings Google’s listings on Maps, Places, Local and Google+ Pages are free. Bless Google. So innovative. So powerful. But their useability could use major help from users. They’re working on it though. In the transition, (when are they not in […]

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Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools  To make the most of Twitter for being discovered online, for research and for interaction you will need to use tools other than those on itself. (This post is as much for my own reference as for any benefit it may be to others. – Anora) Here’s a list of the ones […]

Favorite WordPress Plugins

Favorite WordPress Plugins What a specialty world that is! An extensive library of custom code modules called “plugins” almost like attachments to a vacuum cleaner or a weedeater. Checking the compatibility of the plugin with the WordPress version is essential. You’ll discover over time that some good plugins get abandoned, or at least, not updated […]

Critical Mention

Grades of Deception in Advertising

We’re an educated public. We’re educated consumers. We’ve been around the block. Seen a few things. Many TV shows about deceptive businesses. Many friends’ stories. So when businesses are not straight forward it raises red flags, and sometimes it just turns us off and away. Some online businesses are very straight forward. They list all […]

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On Building Your Platform Online – Nuggets

Here are some interesting pieces related to building your platform online for those of us who prefer to learn by neat and unusual content rather than a straight list of do’s and don’t and steps, which BTW, I will also be preparing for the WriteNow! TAF Conference, for those who like that!    [Updated 3/23/2012] […]

WriteNow! writers conference in Raleigh NC

Building Your Online Platform: A Talk at WriteNow! 2012

In 2011 I attended my second Triangle Area Freelancers conference. Held in North Raleigh, on the Wake Tech Campus, it was a 40 plus minute drive to get there, and felt like a retreat, an “artist’s date” for a writer. Each time I had been the conference was well-organized, friendly professional volunteers from TAF had […]