The Blessing by Anora Sutherland

The Blessing Covers on CreateSpaceThe Blessing is a short fairy tale about healing grief.

It is currently published in five editions:

Four editions are available on Createspace.

Color Edition of The Blessing

Color Illustrations by Bulgarian Artist Vladividal. Salmon cover. 8.5 x 11  ($14 US)

B&W Edition of The Blessing

B&W Illustrations by Bulgarian Artist Vladividal, less expensive and readers can use it as a coloring book also. Deep purple cover. 8.5 x 11 ($10 US)

Reader as Artist Edition of The Blessing

Reader as Artist edition, with blank space on every page for the reader to illustrate the book. Cover image by Raleigh Artist Jenn Hales. Aquamarine cover. 8.5 x 11 ($8 US)

Text Only Edition of The Blessing

The text only edition is a smaller book with text only and no illustrations. The smaller size has its own charm. Cover image by Raleigh Artist Jenn Hales. Periwinkle cover. 6×9 ($10 US)

Ebook Text Only Edition of The BlessingThe Blessing Ebook Cover Painting by Jenn Hales

The text only ebook edition on Amazon was published October 1, 2012. Baby blue cover. ($.99 US)

Why five editions?

The real question is why not.

When publishing your own books, you get to be the full creative director for the project. So you can experiment with ideas and test them out. Color editions cost more money to publish and so cost more to readers. B&W editions are more affordable. Since I had thought of doing my own illustrations of The Blessing, I wanted to have an edition with blank space on each page to try to illustrate it myself. I realized some might like that for their children. And only recently, in August 2014 did I want to have a smaller sized book, cuter, more compact, without illustrations, so I tried that.

I was thrilled one day when I visited a large book store and saw hundreds of copies of Liz Gilberts Eat Pray Love – what a huge bestseller that was! Then I noticed several different covers, and how some attracted me and others left me neutral. So the desire to be able to easily offer different covers arose. CreateSpace makes it easy to create covers, but not so easy that you can offer several color variations, or better yet, let your reader chose the color covers… the way Coke has it’s blended flavor soda machines, and they are paying attention to what blends people are making! That’s exciting. That’s creative. That’s crowdsourcing. That’s democracy in action, where we vote with our choices.

See what appeals to you.