Trapping Wolves is Cruel and Must Stop

Albeit, not a very good one, I am a Christian.

My Christianity requires some things of me including a healthy respect for life.


Cows Grazing

Some Christians say that this means to be Pro-Life, but I have discovered what they really mean is pro-birth as I have found that many Christians are not interested  in caring for kids on the edge, the elderly without family, homeless animals and injured wildlife on the side of the road.

When it comes to sacrifice for a belief, many Christians have a lapse in action. Very often, I am one of them.

Recently I had a conversation with a government official in Montana about their plan to trap wolves.

Although he was on a governor’s staff, he became very indignant and told me, “This isn’t even your state”. I reminded him that these are the United States and as a Christian I was pro-life in that I did not want any animal to suffer in a trap bleeding to death at the leg or worse. He was especially roused when I told him I suspected that there was the politics of ranching behind this. He admitted that he was a rancher himself.

Imagine a wolf caught in a trap, wounded, hurt, bleeding. They could languish there for days, suffering.

Imagine a wolf caught in a trap, wounded, hurt, bleeding. They could languish there for days, suffering.

I touched a nerve.

Most sane people know that deliberately making an animal suffer is wrong, Christian or not.

While he could not dismiss me as an “animal nut”, by the end of the conversation he resorted to saying it was out of the governor’s hands.

“Really?” I asked, knowing fully that is the most common excuse for many Christians too. “After all, what can I do,” we say to ourselves often, a tell tale sign that our beliefs are now rubbing up against our necessity.

I remember a story.

Please join me in making a difference. 
A man routinely went to a beach where he lived at low tide where many a starfish would be stranded. He threw as many starfish back into the surf as he could. One cynical man approached him to say that he wasn’t making much of a difference as there were so many starfish that would die. The good hearted man tossed another into the sea and said: “It made a difference for that one!”

Trapping is extremely cruel and it is banned in many countries. It might make a difference for one Wolf or another animal who happens into a trap, set by our own government.

Call, write and tell others, that in the United States, people of all faiths, as well Atheists and Agnostics all know that making any animal suffer is wrong.

Let Montana know that America is not okay with trapping wildlife:

Let Idaho know that America is not okay with trapping wildlife:


Terry Dorsey is a Lutheran pastor and the catalyst behind Guardians of Angels Animal Adoption Center, a non-profit devoted to building an Animal Adoption Center in Chatham County, North Carolina and to ending the suffering of cats and dogs and other animals, pets and wildlife.